How Mazlow Bicycles Works

Review and Compare Bicycles

Mazlow, puts you in control of the bicycle buying process by providing you with the tools needed to find the bike that's right for you. We believe the value of Mazlow lies in the ability to create a more informed consumer, and works by following 4 simple steps:

Select the Type of Bike you Want

The first step in the process is to select the type of bicycle you are interested in purchasing. Mazlow has arranged all of the manufacturer's bike models into 7 major categories:

Mountain Bikes
Road Bikes
Hybrid Bikes
Comfort Bikes
Cruiser Bikes
BMX Bikes
Kids Bikes

Choose the Features that Matter Most

The next step has you choose the features that matter most to you in your bicycle purchase decision. Your selections help to narrow the number of bikes you may be interested in reviewing.

Search and Compare Bicycle Models

Now that you have selected your search criteria, matching bicycles are shown to you. You can sort the results and compare bikes side-by-side to help you narrow your decision.

Visit your Local Bicycle Shop

Once you've found a bicycle (or set of bicycles) you like, you can print out the details, find a local bike shop and take them in with you.

  Featured Bike

Trek Fuel EX 9.0

Fuel EX 9.0

By Trek $4,399.99
  » Check out this Bike | » Explore Mountain Bikes
Cannondale Six13 Feminine 3

Six13 Feminine...

By Cannondale $1,799.99
  » Check out this Bike
  » Explore Road Bikes
Diamondback Insight 1 Women's

Insight 1 Wome...

By Diamondback $384.99
  » Check out this Bike
  » Explore Hybrid Bikes
Electra Townie Art 21 Women's

Townie Art 21 ...

By Electra $469.99
  » Check out this Bike
  » Explore Comfort Bikes
Raleigh Retroglide NX3 Women's

Retroglide NX3...

By Raleigh $414.89
  » Check out this Bike
  » Explore Cruiser Bikes
GT Performer


By GT $299.99
  » Check out this Bike
  » Explore BMX Bikes
Diamondback Della Cruz 24

Della Cruz 24

By Diamondback $195.00
  » Check out this Bike
  » Explore Kids Bikes
120x60 REI Outlet

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Mountain Bicycles
Road Bicycles
Hybrid Bicycles
Comfort Bicycles
BMX Bicycles
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